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Karnataka CET 2018 Important chapters and questions

The dates of the Karnataka CET 2018 has not yet been mentioned on the official KEA website, but there is little doubt that the question paper format and the important chapters and questions will remain the same.

KCET important chapters, KCET most occurred topics, KCET important questions, KCET important topicsKarnataka CET 2018 Important chapters

The questions of the Karnataka CET 2018 will mostly be based on the 1st and 2nd PUI syllabus that is prescribed by the Dept. of pre-university education of the state of Karnataka. On day one there will be an examination of mathematics and biology, the students wishing to gain admission in engineering and architecture courses would sit for mathematics paper, while the rest will give the biology paper. The next day there will be two papers for physics and chemistry each, and this will have to attend by all students.

KCET most important Physics chapters

Chapter Name Weightage
Wave Optics 9%
Heat and Thermodynamics 8%
Electrostatics 8%
Ray Optics 8%
Modern Physics (Atomic Models) 6%
Current Electricity 6%
Electromagnetic Induction 6%
Physics of Nucleus 6%
Wave motion 5%
Solids and Semiconductor Devices 5%
Alternating Current 4%
Heating and Chemical Effect 3%
EM Waves 3%
Fluids 3%
Principles of Communication 3%

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 KCET most important Mathematics Chapters

Chapter Name Weightage
Probability 7%
Vectors 7%
3D Geometry 6%
Sets, relations and functions 5%
Matrices Determinants 5%
Limits 5%
Indefinite Integration 5%
Definite Integration 5%
Complex numbers 4%
Theory of Equation 4%
Permutation and Combination 4%
Sequences and Series 3%
Binomial Theorem 3%
Continuity and Differentiability 3%
Trigonometric Ratio 3%
Dynamics 3%
Statics 3%

KCET Most important Chemistry Chapters

Chapter Name Weightage
Biomolecules 7%
Principles and Processes of Extraction 6%
Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives 6%
Aldehyde Ketine 6%
Alcohol Phenol Ether 6%
5-Block Elements 5%
Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes 5%
Mole Concepts 5%
Chemical Equilibrium 4%
Redox reaction 4%
Chemical Kinetics 4%
General Organic Chemistry 4%
Ionic Equilibrium 3%
Chemical Bonding 3%
Periodic Classification of elements 3%
Atomic Structure 3%
p-Block Elements 3%
Co-Ordination compounds 3%
Transition Elements 3%
Surface Chemistry 3%
Nuclear Chemistry 3%
Gaseous State 3%

Note: We have prepared this list on the basis of questions occurred in previous from each chapter. This is not the official date.

Each paper will be of 60 marks and the candidates will get 80 minutes per paper. The questions will be objective multiple types wherein the candidates will have to choose the correct option from the given options. Each paper will be divided into 16 parts and all the questions will carry a weighting of 1 mark. The candidate appearing for the Karnataka CET 2018 is expected to answer all the questions and there would be no negative marking for wrong questions.

the candidate will not be given any option for the questions and the questions were they have ticked more than one answer would be counted as a wrong answer. Figure out the important chapters for each subject based on the previous papers and try to mark as many correct answers as you can.


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    It means that biology people can not write maths also. If I did not get medical, I want to go for engineering. Is these exam is in same in the morning ?

    1. no ashin! both r on the same day! but not in the same time! u have two time slots….so once u attend ur math paper…u can attend ur bio in the next slot!

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